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Monster Mania, Omegacon, and Ohio Wizard World, Plus The Dragon Within takes shape.

A bunch of Cons and I started the next book.

Book Review from Compulsion Reads

We have been named an Endorsed Read by Compulsion Reads and here is their review . . . Don't worry, I edited out the only SPOILER.

Lots of Events

We are seemingly going to be everywhere in the next few months . . .

Kickstarter Fulfilled and Stories From the Author

We shipped all the books and start to get some great reviews and press

Book Launch Was A Success And We Have A Kindle Edition

The Book Launch was perfect and the Kindle version of The Shadow of the Gauntlet is now available

Getting Ready for Book Launch/Kindle Version Will Be Available Soon

I scramble to get posters made while Shanna figures out the Kindle.

Day 3 and 4 at Wizard World Philly

There was some fans, a lot of books, and a bunch of people that said they'd come back, did . . .

Day 2 at Wizard World Philly

The second day at Wizard World was great. I talked to so many people about the book, and we handed out loads of cards, oh and there was a cameo too . . .

First Day at Wizard World Philly

The first day at Wizard World Philadelphia was a success and special thanks to everyone that bought the book.

On the night before Comic Con...

It's like 12:45 AM the night before my first Comic Con. Everything seems to be ready, minus a few little things here and there, but nobody's perfect. I can't wait to meet you guys. I think you're going to love this book. I know I do.

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