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East Coast Comic Com 2015

This weekend we headed to the Meadowlands Expo Center to promote The Shadow of the Gauntlet and the Kickstarter

Kickstarter Update:

The Dragon Within Kickstarter went live on Thursday. We are steadily approaching our goal and look forward to offering some of the stretch goals we have lined up.  If you haven't already you should check it out.  It is a great way to get a copy of the book and show The Scargen series some love! 

Show Recap:

We arrived at the Expo Center and unloaded and set up in record time.  After 20+ shows we have masteredexpo center a seamless system.  It helped the show was super organized and check-in was a breeze.  The location of the Expo Center was great as far as creature comforts and after set up we walked over to Houlihan's for happy hour, before heading to our home away from home, The Courtyard.


Saturday we were up at the crack of dawn and at the show EARLY.  Most of the time we arrive too close (for Christine) to opening, and it is frantic.  We may have finally learned our lesson! There was plenty of time to walk to Starbuck's for some caffeine and get back before the 9:30am early birds were let in. 

Saturday we met great new readers who showed a lot of enthusiasm about the book.  Special shout out to Fernando, Lindsy and Corinne for "social mediaing" about the book! 

Brian, a fan from Asbury Park Comic Con, also stopped by to let us know that The Shadow of the Gauntlet "F$&#ing Rocked!"  Happy to hear the review, although not one that can make any of our promo material beyond this blog :)  Brian was happy to hear that The Dragon Within will be out next month.

Our good friend Dallas also made the drive in from Brooklyn to the show. It was his first Comic Con experience and we were glad it was with us!

At the end of the show we had some dinner at the local Buffalo Wild Wings and headed back to the hotel for the night to get ready to do it again on Sunday. 

Sunday is typically a slower day, and this con was no exception.  We sold some books, but the down time gave us a chance to catch up with some of our friends from the Con Circuit. 

Vintage Robot  We always end up located near Vintage Robot and it is great! The products are amazing and if you are fan of robots (artifs) you should check it out! 

Joe St. Pierre We first met Joe in Boston and it has been great to keep in touch.  Check out his comic, New Zodiax.  

Chris Campana  Chris does great work, and it's always a fun time when we get together.  Also, he is generously drawing a print for our Kickstarter, so if you like his art, pledging is a great way to get a print.Campana doing what he does best . . . talk.

Mitch Hallock Mitch runs Connecticut Comiconn, and always runs a good show. He truly is the hardest promoter in the business. He was at this show promoting his. The Connecticut show is highly recommended.

Vendors We are Excited About

Inbeon Studios  Eric stopped by on Saturday and we chatted about their organization.  Eric had great energy and is a talented artist. The studio is working on a number of projects that look amazing! 

Webb  A fellow Kickstarter project; "Webb is the story of a young stock car racer fighting to live life on his terms, not to sell out to the all-consuming forces of Brand Celebrity as his racing legend late father did." The book looks great and we look forward to hearing about their future success!  

The System Ran into Ross at Buffalo Wild Wings Saturday night and although we didn't ever make it to the table, his stuff is hilarious! 

Upcoming Events: 

Kickstarter runs through May 9th

Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con Philadelphia Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA May 7 - May 10







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