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Asbury Park Comicon and Awesome Con

Hello Everyone,

I hope all is well. It's been a while, and for that, I do apologize. I am working on it, I promise. Let's get into it.

We went to three shows already this year. Monster Mania Con in March, Asbury Park Comicon two weeks ago, and then Awesome Con just last weekend.

Let's start with Monster Mania Con in Cherry Hill. It was a great show as usual, and we made quite a few new readers. We also caught up with some old friends from the last show. 

Kevin Spencer created an original art piece for release at Monster Mania Con. It is a depiction of an Aringi Rider and his aringi in flight. If you get a chance, you should check out some more of his work HERE. Thanks so much, Kevin. The print is perfect.  
I also met Ernie Hudson by accident while trying to get the WiFi password. If you were wondering, he's a very nice guy, and he is not even slightly afraid of no ghosts. 

On to Asbury Park and the Asbury Park Comicon. I had never been to this town before, and I have to say, I had a blast. We did everything from Comic Book Men karaoke with Ming and Mike to eating at Porta with some good friends, but what we did best was acquire some new readers.

So thanks to Will, Zack, Jen, RJ, Brian, Emma, Claudia & Jack, Emily, Ricardo, Erica, Joey, Nimit, Eddie, Michael, Ally, Christopher, Tony, Samantha, Osbel & Xavier, Steven, Wesley, Corey, and Ming himself. We also did an exclusive print for this Con that will one day hang in The Secret Stash. It's of Jay and Silent Bob doing what they do best . . .


Snootch . . .

Anyway thanks Asbury Park Comicon and Robert Bruce & Cliff Galbraith for running an excellent show. Can't wait for next year.

Onwards to Washington DC and Awesome Con. With the cherry blossoms in full bloom, we arrived in our nation's capital. Traffic is fun in the District. If you haven't tried yet, you should. We set up in record time in the morning. We are really starting to get the process down. People were very receptive to The Shadow of the Gauntlet in DC. And again we acquired some great new readers.

Here we go again :) Thanks to Alice, Gabe, Alex, Shawn, Jimmy, Chloe, Dawn, Grant, Christopher, James, Max, Colleen, Dawn, Molly, Colleen, Rachel, Pat, Colette, Ian & Michele, Melanie, Rob, Erik, Lee, Charity, Ron, Shirah, Jaime, Peter, Rebecca, Jaime, Matthew, Deb, Cory, Jen, Amber, Aiden, Charles, Nathan, Mandy, Philip, Lindsay, Kym, Bryan, Leila, Alaine, Jo, Susanne, Cleo, Jeremy, Aric, and Bearle. Without you guys this means little. I can't wait for you to read the book and tell me what you think. BTW saw Ernie again, still a nice guy.


I also want everyone to know that we are working very hard to get you The Dragon Within, the second book in the Scargen series. we are looking to have it in your hands in December of this year. This will mean yours truly has to light a fire under his butt and get going already. I am about 15 chapters into it and I'm loving it more and more as I go, and I think you guys will really like this one as well. I am also working on new prints and drawings. I have Captain Marcus Slade and Anson Warwick coming down the pipeline soon and I hope to get to doing some more one off prints for future shows.

Speaking of which, we are pleased to announce we will be attending ComiCONN in Connecticut, and Boston Comic Con in August for the first time. We will also be doing Philly Wizard World once more and Rhode Island Comic Con as well. For a full list of our shows click HERE.

I will also be talking to an entire middle school about creativity and writing in May. I am incredibly excited about this and a little scared . . . (More Info on this coming soon)

Reading: Honestly, nothing currently, busy writing :(

Watching: Cosmos, this show blows my mind everytime I watch it. True Detective, this show was amazing from beginning to end-incredible writing. It's inspired me to do a crime novel one day. Silicon Valley, Mike Judge is just funny. And of course Game of Thrones, no spoilers here, but come on. I watch a lot of HBO.

Playing: With my cat mostly.


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