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An Email List, A Giveaway, A Pop Up Shop, New Chapters, and Late News From NYCC

Hi Everyone,

Let's start by saying I have a new EMAIL SIGN UP SHEET I want everyone to fill out. It takes a few seconds. I only need your first name and an email address and we're off. I will be starting a Newsletter to keep everyone informed on what's going on at Roundstone Publishing. I want to show an intimate look at the writing of a novel. This will include paragraphs from the new book, some of my research notes, and just funny stories along the way. It will also serve as an informative email telling you guys what's going on, directing you to new blog and new Augmentor's Journal Entries. For those who don't know, this is Itsuki and Thomas's adventures between novels. Hopefully it will be a great experiment or it could blow up in my face, but that's the fun, right? I have been waiting to continue the adventure until we got some more readers, but I promise that we will start this soon. This will serve as my warmup before I start writing, so bear with it. It will purposely be less refined. 

Next bit of news:

I will be signing books at Triumph Brewing Company of New Hope, PA on Dec 1st. We will have all sorts of merchandise and holiday fun as well. I'm working on live music as we speak, but there will be loads of craft beer as well as farm fresh food. Join the event HEREWe will also have a prize wheel to spin for any purchase, and my lovely wife and maybe some other helpers will be gift wrapping your purchases. A book makes a great present, that's all I'm saying.

Next bit:

We are doing a Goodreads Giveaway. You can win 1 of 5 copies of The Shadow of the Gauntlet simply by adding the book to your Want To Read shelf. All of the copies will be signed and they are randomly selected by Goodreads, so I can't help you there. While on the Goodreads site, if you have read the book, please give us a review, even if it's only how many stars (5), it all helps. 


We received an extremely favorable review from Kirkus Reviews right before NYCC. You can check the full review out right HERE. But to cut it down to the core it said:

"Caracciolo's sprawling, cleanly written adventure builds a rollicking tale of longing and self-discovery. Caracciolo's nonstop imaginative display is riveting. His tale zips among feverishly concocted set pieces and lovingly rendered characters. The final showdown, crafted with aplomb, whets appetites for what should be a doubly epic second volume. An impressive magical beginning for the legend of Scargen and his motley crew."

That gave me a pretty big confidence boost before NYCC. Which brings us to NYCC (New York Comic Con).subway

This was by far the biggest event we have ever done. It was overwhelming to say the least, but like every other Con, we learned a lot on the fly and met a lot of new readers. I also did two new interviews, which I will post once they go live. It was such a blast and the may or not be a bunch of stickers all over NYC now. We handed out somewhere like 300 or so on Kids Day. 

I met Batman and Barf as well . . .

There is also something else I'd like you guys to do if you have the time. Can you please vote for The Shadow of the Gauntlet for the book all New Jersey teens should read. Just CLICK HERE, and it only takes 5 seconds of your life away and you enter to win a kindle.

That brings us to the second book in the Scargen series: The Dragon Within. I have been writing like crazy and I have to say that I like it so far, as much as you can like a first draft anyway. There are Ancient codes, riddles, an epic demon fight with a then twelve year old Grayden Arkmalis, and a hidden Ancient city in the mountains of the Andes, and I'm only on Chapter 5. Needless to say, I will be getting more into this in blogs to come. I hope to really start to show what it's like to write a novel. 

So let's recap:

Sign up for the EMAIL list

Vote for us HERE

Come see us on December 1st at Triumph. MORE INFO and to sign up to the event.

And thanks to everyone that pushed our Facebook Page over 1000 fans and counting. Without you guys, I'm just writing to myself. As always, if you have any questions, comments, criticisms, hit me up on any of the available contacts. I will get back to you as fast as possible. Thanks everyone.

Watching: Man of Steel, This movie, in my opinion, was horrible. I mean it was all over the place, and the story and direction was just plain bad. I liked the beginning when they are on Krypton, but they never develop the Earth characters. Superman Returns was better.

Reading: I just finished my book, and I liked it. Besides that, I am going to start reading a new novel soon. I'm reading Your First 1000 copies by Tim Grahl

Playing: Simpsons Tapped Out again. The Halloween update was fun.




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