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Book Review from Compulsion Reads

This is the review from Compulsion Reads that will be posted to their site in a few days, but I couldn't wait. I will be posting a blog entry about Monster Mania soon enough as well.


"Thomas Scargen is a pretty typical sixteen-year-old boy living in the future where wrist communicators, artifs (awesomely advanced robots) and holobooks are part of everyday life. Unfortunately for him, his life is about to become very atypical.

On the eve of Thomas’s high school graduation he wakes up from a nightmare about his father, who is excavating artifacts in Egypt. Before Thomas is able to get his bearings and contact his father he is attacked by shadowy creatures. With the help of a young Native American girl who has been sent to save him.

Thomas is about to discover that all of his favorite stories about magic, necromancers and other mythical beings are real. Shoved into this fantastical reality, he learns that he is destined to play a role in saving both the natural and the supernatural worlds from a deep dark evil that has been trying to take over since the dawning of time. Accompanied by a dog-loving dragon, a gremling (they don’t like to be called gremlins), a werewolf, a vampire, a spirit ghost and a variety of other dynamic characters, Thomas is about to set out on the adventure of a lifetime and hopefully save us all.

The Shadow of the Gauntlet is an action packed, heartwarming, adventure story. Author Casey Caracciolo instantly pulls the reader in and takes them on a journey to meet a most amazing cast of characters. Each of Thomas’s new friends, and there are a lot of them, were expertly crafted. I really appreciated the well-developed characters that played a role in Thomas’s transition to this new world and acceptance of his destiny. Even the bad guys were written in such a way as to make your heart ache a little as Thomas continually evaded their attacks. It’s rare to find an author who will take the time to thoroughly develop the supporting casts. I’m so glad that Caracciolo decided to invest the time and energy to do this, because it really brought the book to life.

Overall I loved this book. The one problem I had, which is entirely my personal opinion, is that I never really connected with Thomas. I felt like he was just too okay with all of the changes he experienced. He was very patient when he was learning to use his powers instead of insisting on finding his dad . . . There were a number of instances where I would have liked to see Thomas really lose his cool. I understand that Thomas had special attributes that allowed him to wield the Gauntlet, and those personality traits are why he was the ideal candidate to be the bearer of this burden, but I still would have liked to have seen a little more gusto in his reactions to this new world.

I think fans of the Harry Potter and Tiger’s Curse series will really enjoy this book. Between the mythology, future gadgets and new friends you’ll meet while reading The Shadow of the Gauntlet, you’ll probably never want to leave the world that Caracciolo has created." 

Reading: Catching Fire today on the beach

Watching: Saw Monsters University last week and it was yet another homerun from PIXAR.



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